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10 Emmy Rossum, 2 Titanic

Mwua ha ha ha! New layout to go with this as well. ^_^

Credit (laced_corsets or faux_irony)
Not hotlinking!

10 Emmy Rossum
2 Titanic


Emmy Rossum
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

11 12
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5 and 9 and 10 are my favorites.
Nice icons.
Thanks! :D
love the Emmy icons. where's the pic in 10 from tho? ...don't think i've ever seen it.
Thanks! And the picture for ten is here/ :)
ahh. thank ya!
2, 6, and 10... yes, i really do love the pic in 10... where's the pic from? lol... i think mzrison just asked that :D hehe
Thank you very much!

Here :D
love the titanic ones!
Thanks a lot!
Your icons are amazing !! I love all the emmy ones! Great job !! ^_^
Oo, thank you! :D
Not taking any, but I love the Emmy ones. You should enter the monthly contest at titanic_icons. =)
taking 1,7
I love your icons, i would be honoured if you posted some of your titanic icons at my new community dicaprio_icons
Snagging 4 with credit!